Readings by Angela

As a lifelong seeker and spiritual practitioner I am honored that you have found your way here, along your personal path. From an early age I have felt a profound connection to the natural world and all that inhabit it, on this as well as the subtle levels around us. Learning to fully understand this connection has driven me to continually quest for new insights, understanding, and knowledge!

My personal divination style is that of direct channeling. As a natural born intuitive I have been actively developing my abilities for as long as I can remember. Initially using found objects such as stones, feathers, shells, and flowers for vibrational healing and divination purposes as a young child. Later adding the use of standard playing card images, and scrying with water during my adolescence. Which led to a highly observant friend gifting me my first tarot deck as a young teenager, well over twenty years ago. The messages that come through during my sessions are always intended to be that of vibrational healing, no matter how light or deep the subject matter at hand! This allows each client to receive the information with the utmost love and compassion.

Short readings: $15 (approximately 15 minutes using two decks)

Long readings: $30 (approximately 30 minutes, using +3 decks)

Walk-ins welcome, appointments encouraged.

Angela will be at the shop reading the following dates:

  • Saturday, June 10th – 1-5pm
  • Saturday, June 24th – 1-5pm
  • Saturday, July 8th – 1-5pm
  • Saturday, July 22nd – 1-5pm
  • Saturday, August 5th – 1-5pm
  • Saturday, August 19th – 1-5pm

To make an appointment call the shop at 717.334.5588.  Appointments must be pre-paid if it’s your first reading. Payment is cash only.